UPD Mail Archive: Fw: UPD> Chicago agenda

UPD Mail Archive: Fw: UPD> Chicago agenda

Fw: UPD> Chicago agenda

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 18:09:23 EDT

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    Please add mapping lists to item 2.3. to be able to convert the incoming
    values of communication protocols like IPP to operating system specific

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    From: Norbert Schade <norbertschade@oaktech.com>
    To: UPD group <upd@pwg.org>
    Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2000 5:32 PM
    Subject: UPD> Chicago agenda

    >The UPDF day is Monday, Sept 11.
    >The conference will start at 8.30am and last to about 5.30pm.
    >We will agree on a lunch break.
    >I hope I'll be in the conference room in time, as I arrive shortly before
    >8am at the airport following the schedule.
    >The Boston conference (UPDF day around October 26) is considered a bigger
    >event for the UPDF group, as some things, which needed serious preparation,
    >grow together.
    >To aim at that major event we will have three sessions in Chicago:
    >1. Constraints
    >The discussion was started some time ago, but not finished.
    >I will send some material later today or tomorrow morning to enable
    >everybody to study it ahead.
    >We will have DTD files as well as XML files.
    >Statements to decide:
    >1.1. Conditions for constraints can be combined with AND and/or OR.
    >By nesting conditions recursively the number of levels and the complexity
    >possible is practically indefinite.
    >This allows a very flat architecture concerning the features of a printer
    >model, as all dependencies and interdependencies will be handled as
    >1.2. Constraints will support the default action Filter.
    >Should it support messages? See proposals.
    >1.3. Constraints can also be used to handle conditional selections.
    >Select is considered an additional action.
    >1.4. Constraints are mainly known as an instrument to avoid conflicts in
    >user interface of the driver's dialog.
    >The current proposal is supposed to be able to set conditions on almost any
    >combination of fields. Those constraints can also be used when composing
    >print files.
    >We will take samples from paper handling, as that is known as an area full
    >of constraints.
    >2. Overall architecture
    >The discussion about constraints will automatically lead to a more global
    >conversation about the overall architecture.
    >In case constraints work perfectly we may be able to flatten out the
    >architecture a bit.
    >2.1. Installable Options
    >We will see that constraints have serious impact on the handling of
    >installable options.
    >2.2. General extensibility
    >How easy should it be to add an installable option or new locale without
    >touching the original files?
    >This will be a discussion about a file structure.
    >2.3. Although a Universal Printer Data Description is considered platform
    >independent it should provide all information the operating system is
    >What operating systems are exactly to be considered?
    >2.4. Linux
    >How much can the UPDF group help the Linux guys to implement an application
    >and a printing interface? Do we want to be involved? Do they want to be
    >3. Font handling
    >3.1. Open questions about the font handling concept so far.
    >3.2. We want to prepare at least one sample implementation of a device
    >resident font.
    >This sample font(s) should be demonstrated in Boston.
    >We want to get information about how easy it will be to create the
    >information automatically, how big such a standard font may be in XML and
    >how this information can be used best during install and runtime.
    >Norbert Schade

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