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From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 10:59:02 EST

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    Subject: RE: IPP> MED - Media Standardized Names Draft D0.4 down-loaded
    Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 09:41:57 -0500
    From: Mike Bartman <bartman@process.com>
    To: "'Michael Sweet'" <mike@easysw.com>

    I'm just curious...why are you folks trying to name every possibility
    media type that might ever have existed, or will exist? Why not just do
    like DOCUMENT_FORMAT and make it an arbitrary string to be defined
    elsewhere, if at all? That would seem to be simplest, most flexible and
    even easier to implement. Why add complexity that will only limit

    I mean, have you included "billboard" as a media type? I know of at
    one "printer" that can print billboard-sized sheets all at once...I
    Fujitsu makes it. What about "bedsheet"? We have iron-on T-shirt media
    (is that defined for IPP? Which size?) and someday there might be
    who makes a printer to do the same for bedsheets too. Businness card
    exist today, as do greeting cards, brochures (bi- and tri-fold) and a
    of other media types, in a host of "weights", colors, textures and rag
    contents. There probably is, or will be, a printer server that can
    all of them from one device or media source or another...are you going
    try to name them all explicitly?? Why?

    Maybe that got discussed when I wasn't looking, but it sure seems
    now! :^)

    -- Mike

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    > To: Hastings, Tom N
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    > Subject: Re: IPP> MED - Media Standardized Names Draft D0.4
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    > "Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
    > >
    > > So Ron and I have agreed to add the Media Type Names to the Media
    > > Size Name standard, if that was the consensus at the meeting. We
    > > need to work on the conformance language some more.
    > > ...
    > OK, some general comments:
    > 1. For the media type names, is "continuous" considered to be
    > the same as "roll"? I ask only because roll paper does not
    > have the perforations that continuous forms have.
    > I suggest adding a "roll" media type or ammending the
    > description for "continuous" to include roll type media
    > with no perforations.
    > 2. The current media types don't address variations of particular
    > media types; these variations are generally the "finish" of
    > the media (glossy, matte, etc.), so I would recommend adding
    > standard "media finish" values that can be used to identify
    > an exact media type, rather than overloading the current
    > media types with additional name-finish varients.
    > 3. There is presently no way to define the min & max custom
    > media size; this is absolutely required for this to work
    > in the real world (otherwise how do you know what media
    > sizes are valid?), e.g.:
    > "custom-size-minimum." short-dim "-" long-dim
    > "custom-size-maximum." short-dim "-" long-dim
    > This would essentially research the "size-minimum" and
    > "size-maximum" names, but allow a device to communicate
    > that any size from the minimum to the maximum dimensions
    > is supported. If these sizes are not available then the
    > client should only select media sizes from the provided
    > list.
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