UPD Mail Archive: RE: UPD> Don't stop Do what is necessary

UPD Mail Archive: RE: UPD> Don't stop Do what is necessary

RE: UPD> Don't stop Do what is necessary

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Apr 05 2001 - 13:58:06 EDT

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    I agree that you need all of the information together that an implementation
    supports for a sensible selection by the user. The problem is: Can we
    agree on what the information is, or does it vary so much from
    implementation to implementation, that we can only hope to agree to a core
    set and leave the rest to implementation?

    Unfortunately, leaving very much to implementation, means that a client is
    unlikely to be able to work with implementations from different vendors,
    especially if the client has to localize the fields for the user.

    So, what is your favorite list of media characteristics with values that
    you'd like to see in a standard?

    Is there a small subset that we can agree to now and work on additional
    fields in a separate standard that augments what we can agree to for the
    Media Names standard now?


    I was think out loud about different ways that we could try to put all of
    the fields in the All In One Name Appendix. I agree with you that we should
    put into the Media Names Appendix only what we can agree to now and work on
    augmenting that in a future standard when we have more time. So lets not
    put anything into the current Appendix that we might regret in the future
    document. OK?


    P.S. Plug for the IEEE-ISTO 5100.3 IPP Production Printing Attributes - Set1
    standard. It allows the user to select from 12 media fields using the
    "media-col" (collection) Job Template attribute. See
    http://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/standards/pwg5100.3.pdf, .doc, .rtf.

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    Don: If you want to create a simple unusable standard than do it. Reality
    is that media description and selection only makes sense if you have all
    the information presented in a logical single description (including

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