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UPD> MED - Proposal for simple Media Self Describing Names (all in one names)

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 17:03:23 EDT

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    A number of us have looked at the problem posed by Harry and Mark to define
    a very simple "all-in-one" name syntax. This is our proposal. The entire
    proposal is three pages, plus examples, including listing the values that we
    currently have for Media Type and Media Color in the D0.5 draft. The
    attached .doc file is the MS-WORD version.

    We suggest that it could be a separate section or an Appendix in the Media
    Names Standard. Comments?

    Tom and Bob

    Subj: Proposal for Simple Media Self Describing Names
    From: Tom Hastings, Bob Herriot
    File: simple-self-describing-names-010406.doc
    Date: 4/6/01

    This paper proposes a very simple definition for Media Self Describing
    Names. It meets the objectives suggested by Harry and Mark for "all-in-one"
    names. We think that calling these names Media Self Describing Names will
    make the intent more clear. We suggest that Media Self Describing Names be
    added to the next draft, either as a new section or an Appendix, to go along
    side the D0.5 Draft Media Names which are: Media Size Self Describing
    Names, Media Type Names, and Media Color Names.

    Summary of Media Self Describing Names

    The central idea for the Media Self Describing Name is to provide a simple
    naming syntax that describes all of the salient characteristics of the
    media. Each salient characteristic is represented as a field separated by a
    "." character, starting with the Media Size Self Describing Name field.
    Each field, except for size, has a default value, which is the most commonly
    used value. To shorten the names and to follow existing media naming
    practice, the default value is never represented in the name. For example,
    the name: 'na-letter.8500-11000' represents white stationery, without holes,
    and not recycled, etc, and the name:
    'na-personal.3625-6500.envelope.bond.blue' represents a blue bond personal
    envelope, not recycled, etc. This syntax is compatible with the IPP keyword
    syntax (all lower case, plus "." and "-") and can be used with the current
    IPP/1.1 client and Printer implementations of "media", "media-default",
    "media-ready", and "media-supported" attributes.

    A valid Media Self Describing Name MUST include the Media Size Self
    Describing Name (both Size Name and Dimensions fields as defined in the D0.5
    Draft) followed by other fields which MUST be in the following order:

    Field Example Default Value
    ----- ------- ------------
    1 Media Size Self Describing Name na-letter.8500-11000 --
    2 Media Type Name envelope stationery
    3 Media Stock Type Name bond plain
    4 Media Color Name red white
    5 Media Weight Name 80-gram unspecified
    6 Media Hole Count Name holes-3 holes-0
    7 Media Preprinted Name letterhead none
    8 Media Recycled Name recycled none
    9 Media Front Coating Name front-matte none
    10 Media Back Coating Name back-glossy none
    11 Media Order Count Name ordered-5 ordered-1

    Any field whose value is the indicated default value MUST be omitted,
    including the "." separator character.

    Implementers MAY add additional fields. They MUST occur after the fields
    defined in this standard. Implementers MAY add additional field values to
    defined fields.

    Note that if a given field is not supported by an implementation, omitting
    that field is assumed to have the meaning as the default value. Thus this
    specification allows implementations to support whatever additional fields
    they want in addition to the REQUIRED Media Size Self Describing field.
    Thus there is no burden on implementations in defining the following
    additional fields in our Media Names standard. These definitions also
    provide a simple one-to-one mapping to the PWG IEEE-ISTO 5100.3 Production
    Printing Attributes - Set1 extension.

    Values for each field of Media Self Describing Names

    This section lists the values defined for each field of a Media Self
    Describing Name. The order presented is the same as is REQUIRED in the name
    when other than the default value is being represented.

            Media Size Self Describing Name (see D0.5 Draft):

    The ABNF for the Media Size Self Describing Name is:
      ["na-"] size_name "." short_dim "-" long_dim

            Media Type Name (see D0.5 Draft):
        stationery -- default
    and we've agreed to add 'roll' and drop 'other'

            Media Stock Type Name:
        none -- default

            Media Color Name (see D0.5 Draft):
        no-color -- ISSUE - get rid of this and clarify white to mean
                       -- clear for transparency - white is the absence of
                       -- color
        white -- default

            Media Weight Name:
        unspecified -- default

    The default value is 'unspecified', meaning that leaving out the weight
    means that the weight is unspecified.

            Media Hole Count Name:
        holes-0 -- default

            Media Preprinted Name:
        none -- default

            Media Recycled Name:
        none -- default

            The Media Front Coating Name:
        none -- default

            The Media Back Coating Name:
        none -- default

            Media Order Count Name:
        ordered-1 -- default


    na-letter.8500-11000 -- white stationery, no holes, etc. In other words,
    the size name by itself is the white stationery media, as in IPP
    na-personal.3625-6500.envelope -- white envelope, no holes, not recycled,
    na-letter.8500-11000.transparency -- clear transparency (see issue above)
    na-3x5.3000-5000.photographic.front-matte -- white photographic front matte
    na-3x5.3000-5000.cardstock.blue -- blue 3x5 card stock
    na-letter.8500-11000.blue -- blue stationery, no holes,
    na-letter.8500-11000.front-glossy -- white glossy on front side
    na-letter.8500-11000.front-glossy.back-glossy -- white glossy both sides
    na-letter.8500-11000.holes-3 -- three holed white stationery
    na-letter.8500-11000.envelope.blue -- blue envelope
    na-letter.8500-11000.recycled -- recycled white stationery
    na-letter.8500-11000.envelope.blue.recycled -- recycled blue envelope
    na-letter.8500-11000.bond -- white bond stationery, no holes,
    na-letter.8500-11000.envelope.bond -- white bond envelope, etc.
    na-letter.8500-11000.letterhead.bond -- white bond letterhead, etc.
    na-letter.8500-11000.80-gram -- 80 grams per square meter white stationery.
    All of the examples above this one are of an unspecified weight, while this
    one is 80 grams per square meter weight.


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