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Re: UPD> Don't stop Do what is necessary

From: don@lexmark.com
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 12:44:08 EDT

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    Mark, et al:

    I have no problem with creating the combined name but I think this is better
    done in the end standard that uses these names in a combined form. There may be
    reasons that UPD wants a certain set of characteristics in its media names that
    differ from what IPP might want, or uPnP might want, etc. If this standard
    tries to be all things to all users then it will never be done. One of the
    major issues raised by the IETF with IPP was it was just too big to deal with.
    It is thought to be better to create a number of smaller standards that deal
    with a smaller set of issues and then use those smaller standards as building
    blocks. I think this is a perfect example where smaller and simpler is better.

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    Subject: Re: UPD> Don't stop Do what is necessary

    Don: If you want to create a simple unusable standard than do it. Reality
    is that media description and selection only makes sense if you have all
    the information presented in a logical single description (including

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