UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> driver features

UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> driver features

Re: UPD> driver features

From: Jim Sommer (sommer@granitesystems.com)
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 15:56:21 EDT

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    I would not group "Scale Patterns" and "Print Text as Black" with "Edge to
    Edge". Edge to edge (or full bleed) printing can not be added to a driver
    unless it is supported by the printer. Scale patterns, text as black, and
    render mode are functions implemented totally in the driver without any
    printer functionality. I don't think they belong in UPDF until we start
    addressing UI issues.


    At 6/15/01 01:52 PM, Norbert Schade wrote:
    >Many drivers do not only show features, which cause any kind of command
    >sequence (JCL or PDL) to be sent to the printer, but provide some
    >settings, which change the behavior of the driver while rendering. The
    >driver must understand the setting, while for the generic features it just
    >can rely on information where to send what.
    >This group of features include items like 'Scale Patterns', 'Print Text as
    >Black', 'Edge to Edge Printing' (at the moment specified as a generic
    >feature - may change), 'Rendering Mode', etc. There may be more. Any
    >request to treat them as a group or list them at specific places?
    >Another group includes entries for 'Width' or 'Height' like used in a
    >custom size dialog. Proposals here?
    >The last group on my list includes pure UI elements like group boxes (may
    >be with titles), buttons to open another dialog, etc. We will ignore that
    >for now, probably completely in UPDF, level 1. Your opinion?
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