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UPD> constraints -> interdependencies

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 16:51:44 EDT

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    In the sample implementation group we are close to constraints handling.
    That is the right time to make a simple change I've in mind for quite a while.
    We will change the wording in the whole constraints area.
    To speak of 'constraints' the way we do it is not correct.
    Constraints are describing the available entries of a list or so. See some of the XML tools. The term is exactly used in that way. So other than the fact we are doing it wrong, it is also confusing.
    From now on we speak of interdependencies between features and mean the same as before.
    This will require some renaming of files, elements and attributes, not to speak of the documentation.

    In ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/upd/Current_Version/ you can find a temporary documentation document 'UPDF Constraints.doc'. This is supposed to disappear soon, while the content is moving to the 'UPDF Functional Specification' (the big document growing these days step by step). In this final document it will be referred to as interdependencies only.

    We are not changing any structure nor any other design rules because of this. It's only a name change!

    I will start with the changes on Monday, 7/16/01. If you have any concern, let me know before.

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