UPD Mail Archive: UPD> some editing

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> some editing

UPD> some editing

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@oaktech.com)
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 17:49:46 EDT

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    I finished some editing and am preparing some others.
    Here is an ordered list:
    1. Enumerations
    All enumerations are moved into "UPDF Data Types.xsd".
    2. ID's
    I finished the changes announced a while ago.
    Now we only have attributes ID, Predefined_ID (was called global before), Proprietary_ID, Name_ID, CommandSequence_ID and no prefixes 'Master' or 'Media' or any other any more. Looks perfectly consistent now.
    This required a number of structural changes, as in few cases we had two Name_ID's (or other attributes of that list) with different prefixes within one element.
    2.1. The Info attributes of the SelectFeature in Interdependencies.
    Check the changes made because of previously two different Name_ID's.
    2.2. NameIDs in Font Handling.
    Check the changes made because of previously six different Name_ID's.
    See that I incorporated the FontSubstitution element into the alias element. This is no real conceptional change. We just describe it a little different, but it's the same information.
    2.3. CommandSequence_IDs in Font Handling.
    Check the changes made because of previously two different CommandSequence_IDs.
    The CommandSequence_ID in the Character element is the previous TransparentCharacter_CommandSequence_ID. Because of the SymbolSet subelement there is no conflict with other attributes names any more.
    2.4. LocaleIdentifyer in Locale
    I had to create subelements Language and Country.
    2.5. RAM in the master xsd.
    I renamed the elements.
    I split the RAM, as you buy it in Megabytes, and the memory actually declared usable for driver specific actions like font download into two different features.
    2.6. Predefined_ID
    There are some attributes not named Predefined_ID or Proprietary_ID (like KB in RAM or as there are two ID's for horizontal and vertical resolution). So this is not perfectly consistent.
    No changes done yet. Feedback required.
    3. roc media sizes
    Keywords changed corresponding to latest spec about standardized media names.
    4. Merge schemas to less files.
    There was the request to merge the schemas to lesser files.
    4.1. Print Media Handling
    This was specified as a separate schema to ease testing of print media during development.
    Now when this section is on a very high level the reason disappeared. Could be easily done. Would not change the xml files, of course.
    No changes done yet. Feedback required.
    4.2. Interdependencies.
    Same situation as with print media handling.
    No changes done yet. Feedback required.
    4.3. Font handling.
    Specified as a separate schema to enable font vendors an isolated development of device font converters out of their own databases.
    This will stay separate, as this is still a requirement. But I moved the elements for modifying attributes and font download over to the master schema, as that is implementation specific and not too much of interest for the font vendors. Now the external font handling schema is strictly related to device fonts only.
    There are no other candidates for merging.
    5. Move the possible use of the Parameter Converter functionality from the locales to the Name_ID attributes.
    I heavily lean towards that change! We learnt during host implementation that we would have to care about lots of exceptions in the locales and that would dramatically confuse translations, which we want to avoid by any means. I think the Name_ID attributes, especially now that they are named consistently are the correct place to do that. To study it check out the copy attributes.
    No changes done yet. Feedback required.
    6. Passive fonts
    In Toronto the complain was that the spec does force the driver/client to handle a certain font passive, although the driver may not be able to do so or it's not useful under certain circumstances, which the driver knows best about.
    So we made that a separate attribute of a device font and understand it as a recommendation now.
    7. ABC space per character.
    IBM was concerned that there implementation may need the detailed ABC space per character of a device font. The value accumulated to a width attribute may not be sufficient.
    Waiting for the proposal.
    8. Group licence
    IBM wanted to prepare some group licence about the way we are going to share some sample code.
    Waiting for the proposal.
    9. Legal notes in UPDF.
    At the Toronto conference people requested a chance to specify some company specific notes like you would see in an About box. Although UPDF data is no application and a licence is not really an issue here, it sounds reasonable to establish such a place, even if used for informational purpose only. Could be implemented quite easily. Has not been done mainly because of time problems. Please confirm, if that is a common request.
    No changes done yet. Feedback required.
    10. New syntax to better support generic features.
    We are wrestling with that for a while now and haven't come to a common decision. Will be handled outside the scope of this email.
    11. Merge ID and Predefined/Proprietary (and others with different name but similar meaning).
    Special candidates to look at are copies, percentage and the connectors.
    Will be handled outside the scope of this email.
    12. Defaults not complete.
    Is kind of dependent on 11.
    Will be handled outside the scope of this email.
    13. Generic PDL output
    The input in Toronto was to discard these features and add them directly within the event handlers.
    Will be handled outside the scope of this email.
    14. Raster graphic and event handlers
    These two are one of the major design features these days.
    Will be handled outside the scope of this email.

    I will try hard to find some time to reflect the changes in the spec documentation.
    You may want to save this email for reference, as future ones will refer to the item numbers.

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