UPD Mail Archive: UPD> consistent Predefined_ID, Proprietary

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> consistent Predefined_ID, Proprietary

UPD> consistent Predefined_ID, Proprietary_ID

From: Jim Sommer (jsommer@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 15:13:19 EDT

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    >From: <mailto:norbertschade@oaktech.com>Norbert Schade
    >To: <mailto:upd@pwg.org>UPD group
    >Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2001 10:26 AM
    >Subject: consistent Predefined_ID, Proprietary_ID
    >I wonder whether it would further help us, if we'd equip all features with
    >One reason we didn't so far is that some features need to classifying
    >attributes for a proper description. Samples are all features, which are
    >mainly described depending on horizontal and vertical resolution.
    >There is a solution, if we want.
    >We could specify some simple syntax, which we can more or less borrow from
    >the Media Standardized Names spec.
    >Checking device resolution the keywords could look like 'resolution_12x12'
    >(still related to the virtual units like 7200). So this would represent a
    >600 dpi resolution.
    >Haven't thought about it thoroughly, but just an idea.
    >Eventually we could end up with classifying Predefined_ID/Proprietary_ID
    >attributes in all features.
    >any feeling?
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