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UPD> user policies

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@mediaone.net)
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 16:20:17 EST

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    I have uploaded all modified schemas and xml files to our web site.
    Modifications are as described in the meeting minutes.
    This design was agreed on at the L.A. conference.

    As you can see in the device description, there is an optional, single element for one user policy. This may refer to a user policy description, which extends the original device description. It also may refer to one or more locales.
    Check the samples. We have added a user policy xml file, which adds a new ComponentSet to the CompositeFeature Media (the connection is done by using the same feature ID!!!) and an English locale, which provides the UI string for the new ComponentSet, replaces one string and sets one new default. Interdependencies will likely appear as well.
    The User Policy schema is a copy of the device description schema, subtracted by all entries except composite features and interdependencies. We do not split these two features into a separate schema module, but buy a little double work in case of editing these features in the two schemas.

    If you have questions about any detail, please ask now, as I have all that stuff quite active in my mind these days.

    Later this week I will provide a sample data flow how to get UI strings and how to handle command sequences. Please spend some minutes on them to be sure you completely understand the details.

    Norbert Schade
    69 Prescott Drive
    North Chelmsford, MA 01863

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