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UPD> agenda item: driver specific locale xml

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@attbi.com)
Date: Mon Apr 01 2002 - 11:35:48 EST

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    While we have a nice schema to store all UPDF related text string entries, we do not expect these to be all text strings a driver is using.
    Just to give a sample we are not yet supporting any button strings nor error messages and I guess there is a whole lot of other string areas commonly used by a driver.
    However these text strings are typically quite driver specific, meaning two drivers have a different set of them.
    We are discussing a solution that all driver developers provide all their text strings exceeding the UPDF device description in a standardized way. The simplest idea is to use the UPDF locale schema for this purpose as well.
    The UPDF specification is not involved in naming these driver specific locale xml files. They are likely different per driver. Nor do we provide a place to store these names, namely not in the device configuration file. Every driver would know about its own files anyhow.
    This is considered a contribution to an easy translation process of all text strings with one consistent structure.
    Just to mention it: We are not concerned about hot keys, as the format does not specify where in a user interface a feature control may appear.

    This heavily affects the Locale elements MandatoryLocaleElements and ProprietaryLocaleElements, which perhaps both would be moved to the driver locale files.

    This item will be finally decided at the conference.
    It would ease the process if you provide your comments upfront.

    Norbert Schade
    69 Prescott Drive
    North Chelmsford, MA 01863

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