UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> ICC profiles

UPD Mail Archive: Re: UPD> ICC profiles

Re: UPD> ICC profiles

From: Jim Sommer (jsommer@bellatlantic.net)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 14:38:23 EDT

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    I agree that the device configuration file is the right place to reference
    the ICC profile.

    At 4/22/2002 01:36 PM, Norbert Schade wrote:
    >We have agreed that we will support device color handling in UPDF.
    >Although we are not really working with ICC profiles within the spec, it
    >was proposed to list references for them, so that a driver/client would
    >know which ones it can expect to find. this is more or less an installer
    >function, but ok.
    >I propose to add a new tag to the device and option configuration files to
    >do that. A protocol managing the transfer from a device or network would
    >then find all necessary file names in the configuration files.
    >More than one profile could be listed (optional, multiple). The spec would
    >not tell the driver when to use which.
    >Norbert Schade
    >69 Prescott Drive
    >North Chelmsford, MA 01863

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