UPD Mail Archive: UPD> min/max custom sizes

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> min/max custom sizes

UPD> min/max custom sizes

From: NorbertSchade@oaktech.com
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 14:20:22 EDT

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    Now that we have a complete architecture and play around with samples, we
    see some chances.
    One of them is the smart handling of custom media sizes, which is a pain in
    the neck in many drivers.

    Right now our main schema has some custom media size related attributes in
    media source.
    Basically fine, nothing wrong with that. We can say that a specific tray
    can only feed sizes between this and that.
    We had some feedback that printers may have similar limitations for duplex
    and somebody else said it could basically happen anywhere (printer xxx
    can't staple larger than etc.).
    Valid input!
    Calls for a better solution.

    Proposal to start discussion:
    We remove the custom media size related attributes from media source and
    create one general custom media size element (attributes:
    HorizontalMinimum, HorizontalMaximum, VerticalMinimum, VerticalMaximum)
    under the media size feature (not the record of the feature). Somebody may
    enter some default values there.
    The main point would be that everybody can now define dependencies with
    these attributes.

    Sample: If duplex, override the minimum values.
    No schema change required. You can now define a dependency for every
    feature, if you like.


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