UPD Mail Archive: UPD> Sample UPDF Driver

UPD Mail Archive: UPD> Sample UPDF Driver

UPD> Sample UPDF Driver

From: Jim Sommer (sommer@granitesystems.com)
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 22:06:02 EDT

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    I have uploaded a sample Windows 2000/XP UPDF printer driver to the PWG web
    site. There are two files:


    GraniteSampleDriver.zip contains the driver files.
    GraniteSampleUPDF.zip contains the UPDF schemas and XML for my sample. This
    is based on Norbert's sample.

    If you wish to install this do the following:

    1) Unzip the two files. You can unzip them to the same or different
    2) In the directory that you unzipped the driver there is a file named
    GSPLUPDF.INI. Edit this file and change the Directory= entry to the
    directory that you unzipped the UPDF sample into. This should be a complete
    path and it should not be a network drive.
    3) Run "Add Printer" and point it to the directory that contains the
    driver. The driver should now be installed.

    There are three composite features defined - one with media size as the
    dominant feature and two without dominant features. The media composite
    feature appears in the Features list in place of media size. The other two
    composites appear on the Presets tab. All three composites are user
    extensible so you may define new records for them using the Composites tab.
    The new records will appear in the appropriate lists.

    If you open Word and go to Page Setup you will see the media composite
    feature listed instead of the standard sizes.

    There are a bunch of dependencies defined - at least one of each type
    (filter, message, selection). You can look at the XML to see all of them
    (some are in the device description and some are in the user policy and
    they are a bit confused right now) but examples are:

    Filter - Duplex != Simplex AND Media Type = Lables
    Message - Bin = Top AND Stapling != None then display message. If OK (which
    has been renamed "No Stapling" is selected then set stapling to none, gray
    it out, and put an information icon on it.

    There are still plenty of bugs but I think this demonstrates composite
    features and dependencies pretty well.

    I will continue to work on this but what will be demonstrated at the New
    Orleans UPDF meeting will be based on this implementation.

    Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments.



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