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UPD> Generic UI: grouping and levels

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@attbi.com)
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 15:30:43 EST

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    While some platforms have their own philosophy how to visualize certain controls (what is a tab under Windows, is a panel on the Mac), we may want to stay out of the business of defining each last detail of a UI in a generic description.
    I'd be mainly interested to group features and nest groups. that might be defined on a quite high level.
    A dialog must start with a group. A group may have a string reference and must have at least one of feature|group.

    So UI1 may be something like
    This basically leaves it open, if Group2 is shown together with the first three features or if it's realized as a button to call a subdialog with Feature4. An attribute Level could further indicate the intended structure.

    this could be a sample for tabs or panels. An attribute Composition (superimpose/juxtapose) could further indicate the intended structure.

    So with elements group and feature and attributes FeatureReference to a feature respectively String, Level and Composition to a group you have a nice set of tools to define what your UI shall look like while leaving the final appearance to the driver.


    Norbert Schade
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