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UPD> RAM, AvailableMemory features

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 09:12:12 EST

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    We've finished a review of the RAM and AvailableMemory features.
    With the positive experience we made with the redesign of the MediaHardwareMargins feature we did some small modifications to these features as well.


    We renamed the KB attribute to 'ClassifyingID' and defined a pattern (memory_[\d]*KB).
    Other attributes have been removed.

    The feature is not set to 'Hidden' permanently, but that could well be a useful setting in an implementation.
    NonDominantRepresentative is made optional, as in many cases there may only be one record.
    We have replaced some attributes in the record with a VariableValue element (here not on the feature, but the record level), which defines the minimum and maximum values as well as the step.

    If a relationship between the current RAM and AvailableMemory settings is to be defined, this can be done with dependencies.
    See the sample for demonstration.

    The corresponding schemas and instances are available on the web under
    Or you can follow the link on the UPDF site.

    Norbert Schade

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