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UPD> UPDF, version 1.0: Last Call procedure, day 1

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 08:01:50 EST

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    if we stick with the plan, we'll concentrate on
    - general questions
    - the general layout of the specification document
    - the formal introduction with all the references on the first pages
    - the table of contents.

    Then we'll jump over to the high level overview on pages 10 - 18.

    Norbert Schade

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    We will review the specification in sections.

    While the first ten pages of the specification show the formal declaration of the document and the table of contents, the first chapter starts on page 10.

    On Monday, March 1st, and Tuesday, March 2nd, we will concentrate on the first two chapters, pages 10 - 18.
    - The Idea: This is the high level overview and tells about the UPDF concept and the main components involved. If somebody does not want to dive in deeply, this is the best chance to understand the background and getting familiar to the terminology.
    - Common Tags: Some elements and attributes are used all over the place. We have decided on explaining them upfront. That speeds up reading later.

    On Wednesday, March 3rd, we will concentrate on the configuration files.
    - Device Configuration: The driver entry point into the UPDF world and the environment for the base unit.
    - Option Configuration: The environment for optional units.

    As you should have warmed up by then, we will discuss the unit description schema - the heart of the concept - the next five work days.
    - On Thursday, March 4th, we will concentrate on the DeviceHeader and the Header under PrintCapabilities.
    - On Friday, March 5th, we will concentrate on all predefined features. A lot of pages, but similar information per feature.
    - On Monday, March 8th, we finish the features with the generic and composite features, plus the user interfaces, as they are closely related to the features.
    - On Tuesday, March 9th, we may concentrate on Objects (raster graphic, device fonts).
    We will only talk about device font details on special request, as that is an area for the absolute experts. But we can handle that.
    - On Wednesday, March 10th, we'll finish the unit description with the dependencies and events.
    - On Thursday, March 11th, we could talk about the command sequences, and the Parameter Converter, as these two issues are closely related to events.
    - Leaves us with the locales and the user policies for Friday, March 12th.

    We don't have to stick to that schedule literally.
    But some may like to know, how chapters can be grouped.
    We'll decide on changes flexibly while we go.

    Please send all emails to the UPDF reflector.
    I will answer personal emails, too. But that's not the idea.

    Hope we'll see some people talking it over.
    If we don't see any traffic, that either means nobody cares or the design as well as the specification is considered perfect.

    Norbert Schade

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