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UPD> paper path attributes

From: Norbert Schade (norbertschade@comcast.net)
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 07:43:15 EST

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    Latest changes:

    1. I have added a DeviceFeature (default = false) attribute to the Sides feature to allow the specification of manual duplex.

    2. I have removed the Physical element under PrintCapabilities.Header, as it did not carry any extra information.
    Now the Engine element is located directly under the Header element.

    3. I have added an attribute FacePrinted (default = Face-up) to the Engine element.
    So far we implicitely assumed that the engine prints on top of the media. That is certainly true for most of the devices. But we want to tell explicitely how it's done to provide accurate information about the paper path and allow a driver to extract all parameters needed to recommend a special media insert method in a user interface (e.g. "please insert the paper face-up").
    I'm open with the name of the attribute.

    The corresponding files will be copied to the UPDF web site during the day.

    Norbert Schade

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