UPD Mail Archive: UPD> UPDF: change request in schema

UPD> UPDF: change request in schema

From: Norbert Schade (norbert.schade@SigmaTel.com)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 10:46:40 EDT

I told you about a change request we have in mind for one line in the
main UPDF.xsd schema.

Some background:


I could use all schemas unchanged, as long as i did not use a generic
feature, which described a variable value. In simple words that's
something like copies (no enumerated records, but a rather general
description of parameters). While copies themselves is a predefined
feature, you could well use a similar feature description for contrast,
brightness, etc. i guess you get the idea.


More to the point now:

When you open the UPDF schema (UPDF.xsd) and search for the
GenericFeature description (in my editor that's in line 1437), you will
eventually see an attribute "NonDominantRepresentative" (line 1455)
assigned to it. This attribute makes a lot of sense when the feature is
described by a number of records. Each of these records has an ID. In
this case you refer to one of them in this attribute.

When you have a generic feature of the type VariableValue, you only have
one record. And more important: this record does NOT have an ID. So you
cannot refer to that record. Does not make sense either, if you only
have one anyhow.

The "NonDominantRepresentative" attribute is required though.


I declared the attribute optional and everything i wanted to do worked

So the one and only request change i would have is to fix that problem.
I'd like to take a couple of hours and reflect on it whether a change
from 'required' to 'optional' is the best fix.

The question i have is: am i entitled to do that and replace the
corresponding line(s) without having to start a whole 'last call'

I assume you trust me that i have the necessary expertise to deal with
the issue.


On another note i'd like to share is that UPDF is a good preparation
when you are dreaming of having one device description for various

Lately quite some people in our industry have to deal with Vista and the
way they use xml there. I dare to say that i feel quite familiar with
the challenge we are facing there. With drivers on previous platforms we
could hardly be positioned better to enter that realm.




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