IPP — SNMP Mappings

Single-valued SNMP properties are typically mapped to an IPP Printer Description or Printer Status attribute with a similar name and syntax. The IPP attribute sometimes provides more information than the corresponding SNMP property - this is particularly true for the "printer-contact-col (collection)" and "printer-service-contact-col (collection)" attributes.

Multi-valued SNMP tables are typically mapped to a pair of IPP Printer Status attributes - "printer-xxx (1setOf octetString(MAX))" and "printer-xxx-description (1setOf text(MAX))" - which supply the values and localized descriptions of each object, respectively. The "printer-xxx (1setOf octetString)" values contain delimited key value pairs of the form 'NAME=VALUE;...;NAME=VALUE;' that can be parsed by the IPP Client to obtain the original SNMP properties and values. The "printer-xxx-description (1setOf text(MAX))" values contain the corresponding xxxDescription property value transcoded to the IPP request character set which is typically UTF-8. The description attribute is omitted for the input and output tray tables since localization is available separately for IPP Job Template attributes and values.

IPP Printer Attribute SNMP MIB Object/Property
charset-supported (1setOf charset) prtLocalizationCharacterSet
generated-natural-language-supported (1setOf naturalLanguage) prtLocalizationTable
media-col-default (collection) prtInputDefaultIndex
media-col-ready (1setOf collection) prtInputTable
output-bin-default (type2 keyword | name(MAX)) prtOutputDefaultIndex
printer-alert (1setOf octetString(MAX)) prtAlertTable
printer-alert-description (1setOf text(MAX)) prtAlertDescription
printer-config-changes (integer) prtGeneralConfigChanges
printer-contact-col (collection) prtGeneralCurrentOperator
printer-cover (1setOf octetString(MAX)) prtCoverTable
printer-cover-description (1setOf text(MAX)) prtCoverDescription
printer-finisher (1setOf octetString(MAX)) finDeviceTable
printer-finisher-description (1setOf text(MAX)) finDeviceDescription
printer-finisher-supplies (1setOf octetString(MAX)) finSupplyTable
printer-finisher-supplies-description (1setOf text(MAX)) finSupplyDescription
printer-input-tray (1setOf octetString(MAX)) prtInputTable
printer-name (text(127)) prtGeneralPrinterName
printer-output-tray (1setOf octetString(MAX)) prtOutputTable
printer-serial-number (text(255)) prtGeneralSerialNumber
printer-service-contact-col (collection) prtGeneralServicePerson
printer-storage (1setOf octetString(MAX)) hrStorageTable
printer-storage-description (1setOf text(MAX)) hrStorageDescription
printer-supply (1setOf octetString(MAX)) prtMarkerColorantTable
printer-supply-description (1setOf text(MAX)) prtMarkerColorantDescription