PwgSmRev1-185 - ServiceTypeWKV

simpleType ServiceTypeWKV
type restriction of xs:NMTOKEN
base xs:NMTOKEN
used by
element ServiceType
Kind Value Annotation
maxLength 255
enumeration Copy
enumeration EmailIn
enumeration EmailOut
enumeration FaxIn
enumeration FaxOut
enumeration Print
enumeration Resource
enumeration Scan
enumeration SystemControl
enumeration Transform
enumeration Vendor
source <xs:simpleType name="ServiceTypeWKV">
<xs:restriction base="xs:NMTOKEN">
<xs:maxLength value="255"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Copy"/>
<xs:enumeration value="EmailIn"/>
<xs:enumeration value="EmailOut"/>
<xs:enumeration value="FaxIn"/>
<xs:enumeration value="FaxOut"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Print"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Resource"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Scan"/>
<xs:enumeration value="SystemControl"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Transform"/>
<xs:enumeration value="Vendor"/>
<!-- service type (function of this service object) -->
<!-- see WIMS Object Model - section 4 [WIMS-PRO] -->

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