[PWG-Announce] Survey: PWG/OpenPrinting May Face-to-Face

[PWG-Announce] Survey: PWG/OpenPrinting May Face-to-Face

Jeremy Leber jeremy.leber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 15:31:44 UTC 2024

Hello All,

We are considering a true, in-person face-to-face for the upcoming joint
PWG/OpenPrinting meeting from May 6-8 in Lexington, KY.   We'd like to get
an idea for how many folks would be able to attend the event... please take
just a moment to fill out the attached survey so that we can plan
accordingly.   Note that the event will still be available virtually via
WebEx per usual.



Jeremy Leber
Chair, IEEE ISTO Printer Working Group
chair at pwg.org
jeremy.leber at lexmark.com
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