[PWG-Announce] PWG Last Call: IPP Enterprise Printing Extensions v2.0 (EPX) [Ends Feb 2, 2024]

[PWG-Announce] PWG Last Call: IPP Enterprise Printing Extensions v2.0 (EPX) [Ends Feb 2, 2024]

Kennedy, Smith (Wireless & IPP Standards) smith.kennedy at hp.com
Fri Jan 19 02:39:46 UTC 2024

Hi Mike,

I think the intended recipient list should instead be:

       ipp at pwg.org (IPP WG mailing list - you must be subscribed!)
       jeremy.leber at lexmark.com (Jeremy Leber, PWG Chair)
       smith.kennedy at hp.com (Smith Kennedy, PWG Vice Chair, document editor)
       blueroofmusic at gmail.com (Ira McDonald, PWG Secretary, IPP WG Co-Chair)
       ptykodi at tykodi.com (Paul Tykodi, IPP WG Co-Chair)
       msweet at msweet.org (Mike Sweet, IPP WG Secretary)

(I'm working on an update to PWG Document Management Policy to add back in template messages for all stages, which somehow went missing when we moved content out of Process 3.0 / 4.0 to there.)



    Smith Kennedy
    HP Inc.

On Jan 2, 2024, at 10:49 AM, Michael Sweet via pwg-announce <pwg-announce at pwg.org> wrote:

CAUTION: External Email


[This PWG Last Call starts today, January 2, 2024 and ends Friday, February 2, 2024 at 10pm US Pacific time.]

This is the formal announcement of the last call for the IPP Enterprise Printing Extensions v2.0 (EPX) specification, located at:


The IPP workgroup has completed extensive reviews of this specification and prototyping was completed using a fork of the PAPPL library.

This specification defines the conceptual Job Release, Job Storage, Job Print Policy, Job Proof and Suspend, and Job Proof Print features for IPP, to support printing workflows important to institutional IT environments such as corporate businesses, governments, and universities.

This specification was previously titled "IPP Job and Printer Extensions - Set 2".

The PWG Process/4.0 requires that a quorum of PWG members (30% or 9 members) must acknowledge a PWG Last Call (with or without comments), before any document can progress to PWG Formal Vote.  This PWG Last Call is NOT a Formal Vote but it DOES require your review acknowledgment.  The PWG Definition of the Standards Development Process Version 4.0 is located at:



Send an email with *exactly* the following subject line format:

   Subject: <Company Name> has reviewed IPP Enterprise Printing Extensions v2.0 (EPX) and has [no] comments


Please DO NOT simply reply to this note on the PWG-Announce list.

Please send your response to *all* of the following email addresses:

   blueroofmusic at gmail.com (Ira McDonald, IPP Workgroup Co-Chair)
   ptykodi at tykodi.com (Paul Tykodi, IPP Workgroup Co-Chair)
   msweet at lakesiderobotics.ca (Michael Sweet, IPP Workgroup Secretary)
   smith.kennedy at hp.com (Smith Kennedy, Document Editor)

Michael Sweet

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