Minutes: XHTML-Print working group meeting, January 20, 2003

Minutes of the January 20, 2003 meeting of the PWG XHTML-Print Committee

Elliott Bradshaw, 2/3/03




Approval of the Agenda

Approved without changes.

Review and Approve minutes of November Meeting

Approved as recorded in http://www.pwg.org/xhtml-print/minutes/Minutes-November-2002.html.

Review open issues and action items

Old Issues

Item 1a: html diff tool, owner Jacob Refstrup

Previously closed: Don Wright obtained this tool.

Item 1b: Image Rotation Markup command by W3C, owner Cannon

Closed.  There is no short-term alternative and the group decided not to hold up the current spec, which remains unchanged.

Item 1c: Interaction of Image Orientation specification via EXIF markers and a CSS property, owner Cannon/HP

Closed.  There is no short-term alternative and the group decided not to hold up the current spec, which remains unchanged.  We should monitor the W3C for activity in this area and consider it in future versions.  In the long term a W3C-specified property should take precedence over EXIF markers.

Item 1d: Treatment of non-well formed documents, no owner

Closed.  The group presumes we are correct;  if not, the W3C will raise it during review of XHTML-Print.


Item 2a: XHTML-Print conforming printer should support all attributes

Closed.  For non-mandatory attributes, Section 3.1 says: "Support is optional; a conforming printer may ignore this attribute ... but cannot treat it as an error". The group decided this is correct.

Item 2b: Request to add Content-Disposition header to RFC3391

Closed.  There was discussion of various schemes to let the client control image caching in the printer, which would reduce the number of times an image is retransmitted.  However, all these schemes require that the client have knowledge of how much memory is available in the printer.  This is not consistent with the unidirectional nature of XHTML-Print as a language rather than a protocol.  The group decided to leave the current design (each reference requires an image to be transmitted), with Jim to add some clarification to the XHTML-Print document.

Item 2c: XHTML-Print Document Conformance

Closed.  Section 1.3 is normative (some of this information appears nowhere else), so close this with no change. However, we want to mark Section 1.1 informative, while leaving the rest of Section 1 as normative.

Item 2d: Restricted to UTF-8 Encoding

Closed.  In section 3.1, remove the bullet about UTF-8. [Note that this originally had to do with the charset attribute. This attribute is not needed for anchors for a totally different reason: the printer does not follow anchor links because there is no user interface.]

Item 2e: The use of Form Feed (&000C;)

Closed.  In section 2.3.1, remove the bullet for form feed, and let the XML/XHTML specs govern.  Note that there was no use case identified for a printer to do anything special with form feed.

CSS Print

Item 3a: Enhancements requested for Digital TV

Closed.  The group decided to add the properties described in http://www.pwg.org/xhtml-print/minutes/Minutes-November-2002.html#dtv
to Enhanced Layout.

Item 3b: Border-spacing property not effective without border-collapse

Closed.  The group decided to add the border-collapse property to Enhanced Layout.

Item 3c: Addition of Attribute Selectors: E[Attr] and E[Attr=val]

Closed.  The group decided to add both of these to Enhanced Layout (only).

1394 AV Group Update

Yamaguchi-san from MEI presented "AV/C Printer Extension Proposal," currently being reviewed by the 1394 association.  This would use XHTML-Print combined with a set of properties for DTV [which have now been incorporated into Enhanced Layout].  They request a closed specification by March 8 (see Process, below).

[Note: following the meeting an email discussion was opened about making landscape a requirement for DTV printers.  This is to be resolved by email.]


Don Wright reviewed the current status and future plans for XHTML-Print and CSS Print.  The goal is to have these endorsed by the W3C and eventually published as W3C Recommendations.  Don and Jim will present them at the W3C Technical Plenary on March 3.

At this time there are no open issues [note: perhaps DTV landscape (see above)].  Based on these minutes Jim will publish the latest revision, and Don will issue a 10-day Last Call.  Upon completion of Last Call, the PWG will freeze work on these specs, and present them to the W3C.  If the W3c response is favorable, then future actions such as interop testing will follow the needs of the W3C process.  If the W3C response is unfavorable, the PWG will discuss how to proceed.

Accordingly, there is no XHTML-Print meeting scheduled for the next PWG face-to-face.  Updates and discussion based on discussion with the W3C will be done by email.