IDS> First IDS Telecon: Feb. 20th - 1:00 PM EST (Resend)

IDS> First IDS Telecon: Feb. 20th - 1:00 PM EST (Resend)

IDS> First IDS Telecon: Feb. 20th - 1:00 PM EST (Resend)

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Tue Feb 19 12:10:13 EST 2008

I sent this out on Friday and never did see it returned.  Sorry if it is a


This first relecon will be held on Wednesday February 20 at 1:00 PM EST
(10:00 AM PST).
Subsequent telecons will be every other Thursday, at the same time,
starting on February 28.

All interested parties are encourage to participate in the telecon and to
register for the IDS mail list.
To subscribe:
Send an email to majordomo at with a blank subject line and in the
message body:  subscribe IDS.

The following information has been provided by Peter Cybuck, CoChair of the
IDS Working Group:

My recommendations for the initial discussion for the new Imaging
Device Security Workgroup are as follows:

1. Identify the overlap of current supported device attributes with
those that apply to HCDs. That is, compare what is currently supported
for devices like desktop PCs and confirm what applies without any
changes to the HCDs.

2. Identify the absolute minimum of new attributes that might have to
be added to address unique issues with HCDs. The list of attributes
required at a minimum for desktops appears to be small so we should
not start with a long list of new items.

3. Document the communication exchange that must be supported by the
HCDs to deploy them in the target networks.

4. Develop a list of alternative or additional optional attributes
that might be useful to propose but justify their addition to a
requirements list.

5. Document any licensing or other formal relationships required with
the target network providers.

6. Solicit input from the network providers on their recommendations
for minimum attribute lists for HCDs.

I am willing to work directly on most of the above.

Peter Cybuck
Sharp Electronics

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