Michael Sweet (Chair)

Michael has been working in the PWG on the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) since 1998. Michael is also one of two IANA designated experts for IPP and the Printer MIB. Prior to joining Apple, he founded Easy Software Products and developed the popular open source printing system CUPS which uses several PWG standards to provide printing services on many operating systems. At Apple, Michael designs and implements printing solutions for Apple products, continues to develop CUPS, and represents Apple for all printing standards work.

Nancy Chen (Vice-Chair)

Nancy served active editor roles in IEEE P2600 (Hardcopy Device and System Security) standards development from 2004 to 2009 and has been active in the PWG since 2007. She has over 10 years of experience in embedded real-time control software, parallel and distributed processing software, and architecture research and development with Lockheed Martin and over 10 years of experience participating in industry standards development and alignment, advanced software solutions, and technology research and planning at Oki Data. Nancy currently participates in the PWG as an independent consultant.

Ira McDonald (Secretary)

Ira has represented Xerox, Sharp, and Samsung as a participant in the the PWG and as co-editor of Printer MIB v2, Internet Printing Protocol, Power Management Model, and other projects since 1995. Ira is co-chair of the PWG IPP Working Group and is the other IANA designated expert for IPP and the Printer MIB. Since 1974, Ira has designed and implemented network software for AMTRAK, Olympia Brewing, Perkin-Elmer, ARINC, Plantronics, IBM, DEC, and the printing industry. At Samsung Advanced Printing Systems Lab, Ira designed management interfaces, SNMP test tools, and Cloud solutions. Ira currently represents his consulting firm, High North Inc.