IDS> NAP Statement of Health (SOH) link

IDS> NAP Statement of Health (SOH) link

IDS> NAP Statement of Health (SOH) link

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Here is another link to the SOH protocol specification:

This link will download a zip file containing all the publically
available Microsoft communications protocol specifications.  If you're
going to read the SOH spec, it's helpful to have the entire collection
as the SOH spec contains relative links to other documents in the
collection, such as the MS-PEAP and MS-HCEP protocols used as transports
by SOH.


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It is advised that devices who want to become interoperable with NAP
implement the Statement of Health (SOH) for NAP. The protocol is

Microsoft NAP provides a means for third parties to define, measure and
cause action based on the health of the device. Third party services
implement the SOH need to define what it means for a device to be
based on what they feel is important to secure and what is possible to

Administrators have the ability to allow non-SOH capable devices to
participate in a NAP controlled environment by placing such devices on
exception lists. Exceptions may introduce increased security risks to a
given network.

I can go into (slightly) more detail on Thursday.


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