IDS> NAP Documentation

IDS> NAP Documentation

IDS> NAP Documentation

Ron.Bergman at Ron.Bergman at
Thu Jun 5 17:17:42 EDT 2008

As promised in todays teleconference, here is the list of Microsoft
documents that are applicable to NAP.
These documents can be found on MSDN ( by searching on the
specified keyword (example: MS-SOH).

MS-SOH      Statement of Health for Network Access Protection
MS-HCEP     Health Certificate Enrollment Protocol Specification
MS-WSH      Windows Security Health Agent and Health Validator Protocol
MS-RNAP     RADIUS Attributes for Network Access Protection
MS-PEAP     Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
MS-GPOL     Group Policy: Core Protocol Specification
MS-WCCE     Windows Client Certification Enrollment Protocol
MS-DTYP     Windows Data Types
MS-MSRP     Messager Service Remote Protocol
MS-GLOS     Windows Protocol Master Glossary

Also, mentioned by IRA:

MS-SECO     Windows Security Overview

Some appliable IETF specifications are:

RFC 2865    Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)
RFC 3748    Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
RFC 4306    Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKEv2)

I hope everyone can review these documents with the goal of developing a
protocol stack diagram for our documentation.  I suspect one of the Windows
specification will have this information clearly specified, but I have not
located anything yet.

If you find any other documents that are applicable to this project, plasse
let me know.  I will generate a PDF of this information and add it to the
PWG FTP site and keep it current with any new documents of interest.

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