IDS> Complete Action Item List

IDS> Complete Action Item List

IDS> Complete Action Item List

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Thu Jul 10 12:41:46 EDT 2008

Attached are some initial comments on the firmware version and configuration attributes. 


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Lee pointed out that I did not include the Action Items from the previous
telecon in this list for tomorrow.  So here the complete list:

1. Jerry Thrasher will send a note to Cisco to find out if there is an
information path we can develop to learn about attributes (e.g., if there
is a better source of information.)  OPEN
   A note has been sent, but no reply received yet. Jerry noted that the
   Cisco documentation has not been made publicly available.  OPEN

2.  Ron Nevo will contact the TNC Chair to try to get the TNC attributes
information—and make it available to all PWG members.
   A note has been sent, but no reply received yet. Some of the attendees
   already have access to all the documentation, but membership to the TCG
   is required.   OPEN

3.  Jerry Thrasher will start a Definition of Terms list (i.e., some
Started a list of terms, but definitions not yet complete. Jerry will
publish the current draft for review.  OPEN

4.  Ron Nevo will report the differences of the attributes between NEA and
NAP protocols at the June face-to-face meeting.

5.  All participants in the group—especially the NAP team members—will
examine the relevant Microsoft documents to obtain a clearer sense of the
requirements for NAP implementation on a printer/MFD. Prepare to develop a
protocol stack diagram for IDS documentation.

6.  Joe Murdock will provide an initial attempt at defining the MS-NAP
protocol stack for the June face-to-face meeting.

7.  Ron Bergman will provide some information on NAP binding and

From yesterday's email:

8.  Joe Murdock:  Provide some discussion points regarding build date
and/or version date as they apply to Applications, Firmware, etc.

9.  Joe Murdock:  Present an example of how Certification State (and/or
Configuration State) could be generated and used
10.  Randy Turner:  Ask the IETF NEA Working Group (or other groups) for
their thoughts on attributes such as Time Source, Minimum Cipher Suite,
Bridging, Minimum Encryption Key Length, etc.  Are any of these applicable
to the industry in general?

11.  Ron Bergman:  NAP Binding and extensions.

Call Details:

1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PDT) this Thursday.

The toll free number for the call is:  1-866-365-4406
The passcode is:  2635888#

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