IDS> Reminder - Telecon Today at 1:00 PM EDT

IDS> Reminder - Telecon Today at 1:00 PM EDT

IDS> Reminder - Telecon Today at 1:00 PM EDT

Ron.Bergman at Ron.Bergman at
Thu Sep 18 11:09:16 EDT 2008

There will be an IDS conference call at 1:00 PM EDT (10:00 AM PDT) today.

Note the NEW Teleconference number and access code are now used.
Please contact me if you do not have the new number.

1. Identify Minute Taker
2. Approval of minutes from 9/4 teleconference
3. Review Action Items  (see below)
4. Discuss Glen Petre's email:
   "RE: IDS> Updated PWG HCD Health Assessment Attributed document"
5. Review latest NAP Binding Specification.
6. New business

Action Items:

1. Randy Turner will compile feedback comments from the NEA, and will
forward them to the IDS group.

2. Randy Turner will forward the IDS email proposal originally sent to NEA.

3. Jerry Thrasher will add the NULL Minimum Cypher Suite value to be used
to the Attribute Specification.

4. [TDB] will figure out how and where the description of each attribute
applies to each interface being addressed.

5. Ron Bergman will add string representation of versions for firmware
application, resident application and downloadable application in the
optional table.

6. Ron Bergman will update the Firewall Setting to be consistent with the
new NEA format.

7. Joe Murdock will investigate whether a PEAP request is made to a switch,
and then the switch makes the request to RADIUS.

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