IDS> IDS canceled today?

IDS> IDS canceled today?

IDS> IDS canceled today?

Dave Whitehead david at
Mon Dec 15 12:00:35 EST 2008


Yes, we'll still have the IDS call today at 1:00 PM EST.  I have not seen 
an updated NAP Binding spec, but we can discuss the Secure Time definition 
(below) and Microsoft's responses to our questions that I forwarded 


David H. Whitehead
Development Engineer
Lexmark International, Inc.


Secure Time: This attribute signifies that the time source used to set the 
device's clock(s) is considered a trusted source.  Many security 
mechanisms rely on accurate time to enforce security.  Examples include 
validity periods on X.509 certificates and Kerberos Tickets.  As such, it 
is important to know that the device's internal clock(s) acquire time in a 
secure manner.  If the time source is not secure, it could lead to denial 
of service (set time outside the validity period) and/or allow 
unauthorized access (set time to within validity period.)  There are 
several ways to acquire the time including Network Time Protocol (NTP) and 
explicitly set by the user via some user interface.  NTP has the ability 
to utilize encryption and integrity checks using pre-shared keys.  The 
user interface to the clock can be protected using passwords.  It is 
important to note that RTCs are often used in devices and may utilize a 
bus structure, such as I2C.  In such cases, the bus used MUST NOT be 
accessible externally from the device.


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IDS> IDS canceled today?


Bill Wagner, Glen Petrie, and I (the quorum at the WIMS WG telecon)
were just wondering if anyone still plans to have an IDS WG meeting
in one hour at 1pm Eastern today?

- Ira

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