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IDS> IDS Wiki page

IDS> IDS Wiki page

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Hi All
Attached is the proposed updated Wiki page
Let me know if you have any comments?

Imaging Device Security Working Group (IDS)
The industry is moving beyond basic authentication for access to
corporate networks to a fairly detailed assessment of the device that is
connecting before being allowed to access the network.

Examples of what's being measured for PC Clients: OS Type, Version,
Patch Level, Anti-virus Type, Version, Definition Level, Is Active

Hardcopy Devices attach to networks, but there's no standard set of
metrics that is used to assess an HCD.

Our Goal is to provide these metrics!!!

What we are doing:	
*	Defining a standard set of metrics that might be measured or
assessed in Hardcopy Devices to gauge if they should be given access to
a network
*	Defining example "bindings" for how these metrics are used in
the individual network assessment protocols. 
Current Documents:
IDS Attributes Specification
IDS NAP Binding Specification

Who is Involved?
Participants <>  include
MFP vendors  .

We Need More Participants!
We always welcome new participants, particularly MFP vendors and
software houses, who are currently underrepresented. If you are
interested in joining the group, or just finding out more about our
goals and activities, please contact the chairpersons,
 Ron Nevo <mailto:nevor at> , Co-Chairperson  Dave Whitehead
<mailto:david at> , Co-Chairperson
Mailing List
PWG maintains an email reflector for the use of this group. Check the
instructions on joining the mailing lists at
<> .

We have biweekly conference calls.  
Approximately once per quarter, we meet face-to-face for one day. See
PWG F2F Meetings Schedule

Ron Nevo
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Information Security, DVM, Standards and Compliance 
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America
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Phone: 201-760-3937   Fax: 201-529-9673  Cell: 201-220-5945 
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