IDS> Jan 22 and updated Jan 8 teleconference Minutes now available...

IDS> Jan 22 and updated Jan 8 teleconference Minutes now available...

IDS> Jan 22 and updated Jan 8 teleconference Minutes now available...

Randy Turner rturner at
Thu Jan 22 17:46:49 EST 2009

Hi All,

To paraphrase the remediation statements made during this conference  
call, I think we are going to have to come up with an answer for the  
NAP team when they come
back with obvious questions, like this:

"OK, you've got common attributes, which helps. But plugins are also  
needed for custom remediation of devices that support automatic (no  
operator intervention) remediation. So, is there also a PWG common  
mechanism for remediating devices that fail site security assessment  

Playing devils advocate for a moment, this was the toughest technical  
question I thought they would fire back with.

During my discussion on the value of a "CLASS" plugin, I used the  
rationale that Microsoft would probably want to avoid tons of NAP  
plugins (like printer drivers) that basically assess the same  
attributes (If we agree on a common set of PWG attributes).   
Therefore, a single "hardcopy-class" plugin that assesses the PWG  
common set would be preferred over (n) number of plugins basically  
assessing the same attributes.  Ignoring the remediation question for  
a moment, they may ask the question

"OK, say we were to write a class plugin for hardcopy devices, does  
that mean the vendors that comprise the PWG will NOT be writing any  
NAP plugins for their device? Are their respective technical/marketing  
teams willing to agree to this? Because if we write a class driver,  
and then start seeing (n) numbers of vendors distributing plugins, it  
would seem to eliminate the benefit."


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