IDS> NAP binding document specification example

IDS> NAP binding document specification example

IDS> NAP binding document specification example

Brian Smithson brian.smithson at
Thu Feb 5 23:17:18 EST 2009

During the 2/5/09 conference call, we talked about how to provide
complete information for an implementer while still limiting the amount
of information that is duplicated from (and potentially inconsistent
with) Microsoft's NAP documents and PWG's attributes spec. I believe
that we decided to describe each attribute with a heading title, a very
short description (one sentence is the target), a pointer to the other
document where the attribute is fully described, and then a detailed
description of the bits and bytes. I promised to provide an example or
two via email and solicit comments before rewriting clause 4 of the NAP
binding document.

Attached is are examples of an MS attribute and a PWG attribute.

Please take a look and let me know what you think, or discuss on the
mailing list if that is appropriate. Please note that the style of
presenting the bits and bytes could be done differently. I will provide
some examples of presentation in another email, so for now, just focus
on the title and first paragraph.

Brian Smithson
PM, Security Research
Advanced Imaging and Network Technologies
Ricoh Americas Corporation

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