IDS> Comments on NAP binding document

IDS> Comments on NAP binding document

IDS> Comments on NAP binding document

Dave Whitehead david at
Mon Mar 2 15:52:07 EST 2009


Here are my comments on the 02/12 version of the document.  The bit 
mapping looks good except for a couple of length errors.

I'd also like to point everyone to Step-by-Step Guides for Server 2008 NAP 
over DHCP, 802.1x, IPsec, and VPN:

Brian, any idea when there will be a new draft?



David H. Whitehead
Development Engineer
Lexmark International, Inc.


1       access -> assess

2.2     ordering -- alphabetical (?)

4.2     Message Syntax is a copy from SOH 2.2 -- either change or 
attribute it as such. must -> MUST
        bits look good. Specify HRESULT (or reference doc) (see:

Should we separate MS entries (SystemHealth-ID and ComplianceCode, 
FailureCatagory) from Vendor Extensions (IDS) HCD Configuration Flags TLV
        The Length should be 12 and not 16.
        This is a new term.  Need to explain how these elements relate to 
the defined attributes.
        What is TLV Subtype?  Not listed until section 6.  We should move 
these up and explain they are the TLV Subtypes defined by the PWG and used 
in the vendor section of the SOH. Do we want Vendor SMI code to be 3 or 4 bytes?  Some places use 3, 
other places use 4.  Need Subtype for Firmware Name OR use the already MS defined 
Product Name? (see                How do we (or can we) support multiple patches? 
There is only on FW so they all apply to the same FW.         Lengths are wrong -- off by 4.         Note this is the same as         This has changed to variable length ...         As has this one ...

I stopped at Conformance.
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