IDS> IDS: Thursday's CC canceled

IDS> IDS: Thursday's CC canceled

IDS> IDS: Thursday's CC canceled

Nevo, Ron NevoR at
Tue Mar 3 17:14:23 EST 2009

  Hi Dave

The Microsoft contact and our relationship with them are extremely
important for the future of IDS.

If Microsoft will not engage with us, Then IDS will be on hold.

This should be our priority to expedite it, and we should talk about
that soon.



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There has not be much activity on IDS since the F2F so I propose
postponing the CC until next week.  Hopefully by then we'll have an
updated NAP binding document and a first pass at the NEA bindings

Let me know if you feel there is something that needs to be addressed in
a CC this week. 

Unless there are objections, I am also going to move the Attributes
document into WG last call for two weeks (3/6-3/20).  This will give us
a few days (3/21-4/1) to resolve any new issues before going to PWG last
call to end at the F2F (4/2-4/29). 



David H. Whitehead
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