IDS> FW: [Nea] Starting WGLC for PA-TNC and PB-TNC

IDS> FW: [Nea] Starting WGLC for PA-TNC and PB-TNC

IDS> FW: [Nea] Starting WGLC for PA-TNC and PB-TNC

Randy Turner rturner at
Fri Mar 13 15:05:29 EDT 2009

Hi Lee,

If you have something to discuss, you can bring it up during the  
Agenda bashing session  - I think we've already made our proposal and  
portions of it were introduced into the PA-TNC document in a previous  
draft - I'm not sure what you mean by "on their radar".


On Mar 13, 2009, at 11:29 AM, Farrell, Lee wrote:

> The NEA is holding their meeting on the 23rd, and the agenda is  
> focusing on a review of comments on the latest two draft documents:
> Agenda for IETF 74 NEA WG meeting
> =================================
> Date: Monday, March 23, 2009
> Time: 1300-1500 PDT (GMT-0700)
> WG Charter:
> WG Tools:
> WG email: nea at
> 1300 Administrivia
>          Blue Sheets
>          Jabber & Minute scribes
>          Agenda bashing
> 1305 WG Status
> 1310 Discuss PB-TNC (recent changes and WGLC comments)
> tnc-03.txt
> 1400 Discuss PA-TNC (recent changes and WGLC comments)
> tnc-03.txt
> 1450 Review and Revise Milestones
> 1500 Adjourn
> What information exactly is it that the IDS group would like to have  
> discussed by and/or proposed to this group?  It does not appear that  
> they have us on their radar, nor am I aware of any recent  
> communication from the IDS group to them.
> lee
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> Subject: [Nea] Starting WGLC for PA-TNC and PB-TNC
> New versions of PA-TNC and PB-TNC have been posted.
> These include all changes for which there was WG consensus. All open  
> issues are now closed. The new documents are available at these URLs:
> Therefore, I am starting a Working Group Last Call on these  
> documents. Please review them and send any comments or questions to  
> the nea at email list.
> This Working Group Last Call will close at 5 PM EST on Friday, March  
> 20, 2009.
> We have chosen a two week WGLC period so that we can have all  
> comments received and ready to discuss before the NEA meeting at  
> IETF 74. However, if you feel that two weeks is not enough time,  
> please email the NEA list and we will consider an extension.
> In any case, now is the time for all NEA WG participants to perform  
> a careful review of these specifications and raise any comments,  
> concerns, corrections, or questions that you may have. Please take  
> the time to do so before the end of WGLC.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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