[IDS] questions for MS meeting

[IDS] questions for MS meeting

[IDS] questions for MS meeting

Brian Smithson brian.smithson at ricoh-usa.com
Fri Jul 31 01:12:14 UTC 2009

Unless these are not already adequately covered elsewhere:

   1. Assuming that there is a PWG plug-in, how will end customers
      obtain it? Windows Update? Eventually, in the Windows Server 20XX
      distribution? Optional download from Microsoft? Download from PWG? Or?
   2. If there are vendor-specific extensions to the plug-in, how will
      end customers obtain those?
   3. Once customers have the attribute definitions for assessing HCDs,
      how will they obtain the appropriate values? (e.g., what is the
      current firmware revision for vendor X, product Y?). By what
      mechanism will those be maintained by vendors?
   4. How will customers be assured that the sources for the plug-in,
      extensions, and current values have not been spoofed, and that
      their contents have not been tampered with?

Brian Smithson
PM, Security Research
Advanced Imaging and Network Technologies
Ricoh Americas Corporation

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