[IDS] Current Hardcopy attribute "Rationale" document

[IDS] Current Hardcopy attribute "Rationale" document

[IDS] Current Hardcopy attribute "Rationale" document

James Turner rturner at amalfisystems.com
Wed Apr 21 22:55:20 UTC 2010

Hi Guys,

I joined the call at the face-to-face meeting right at the end of the discussion of the current rationale document.

I'm assuming it's not "ready for prime time" yet. Is that the case?

If so, is there a date we have planned for completion of this doc? 

Also, since I wasn't a part of the initial review of this, I'm not sure if this was discussed or not, but I think the document needs a different title.

How about "The Business Case for NAC and Hardcopy Devices"

I think the title needs to be shorter, and we need to target biz types, not technical folks. It's my opinion we don't need to include "attributes" in the title. We'll get to that later in the doc.

Does this sound reasonable?


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