[IDS] System Health extensions to the PWG MFD Model Schema

[IDS] System Health extensions to the PWG MFD Model Schema

[IDS] System Health extensions to the PWG MFD Model Schema

Zehler, Peter Peter.Zehler at xerox.com
Mon Aug 23 14:44:45 UTC 2010



The PWG Semantic Model schema has been updated to include the System
Health related attributes.  Please take a look at the schema and let me
know if the modeling is in line with your intent.   Please send comments
to the IDS mail list.  I will make sure any comments and their
resolution are reflected in the MFD group.


 The entire PWG schema in a zip file can be downloaded at 



For your convenience and the convenience of those of you without
graphical schema tools the link below will be useful and a more direct
way to examine the power elements.


NOTE: when browsing the model at the MFD site click on the box with the
element name instead of the box containing the'+'.


The System Health extension to the System object's Status element can be
browsed at



The only comment I have at this time is related to style consistency.

The elements that have multiple instances (HealthFirmware,
HealthResidentApplication,  HealthUserApplication)  should have a
container object that is a single instance (i.e. HealthFirmwares,
HealthResidentApplications,  HealthUserApplications) that is a sequence
of the multiple instance elements.  This convention is used everyplace
else in the schema.  It also simplifies parsing for implementation that
have custom parsers.





Peter Zehler

Xerox Research Center Webster
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