[IDS] New MPSA draft posted

[IDS] New MPSA draft posted

[IDS] New MPSA draft posted

Petrie, Glen glen.petrie at eitc.epson.com
Mon Nov 1 16:45:18 UTC 2010

An attempt at an Executive Summary





This article provides summary information on the threat exposure and
associated network access control issues for Multi-Function hardcopy
Devices (MFD) (printers, copiers, scanner and integrated devices on your
network).  Threat exposure for MFD include "Document Repositories",
Email Clients and Servers", "FTP Clients and Servers", "HTTP Web
Servers", "HTTP Web Browsers", "Fax Modems", "User Authentication", and
"Downloadable Applications".  Network access control issues for MFD are
divided in to "Device Assessment" and "Device Remediation".  By
reviewing some or all of the reference links provided in this article
you can see that security for MFD's is of paramount concern for today's
business and IT personnel.  


For the PWG to support the print industry at all levels, include Managed
Print Service, with a fully responsive set of MFD security standards, a
set of survey questions can be found at the end of articles.  These
questions range from providing feedback from you on understanding your
client's awareness of the MFD security issues, what your clients are
doing today, what is scope of your client's issues and remediation needs
to meet your client working environment.





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The next draft of the MPSA article has been posted.   Let me know if I
on the right track..






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