[IDS] Final draft of revised IDS charter ported for one week review

[IDS] Final draft of revised IDS charter ported for one week review

[IDS] Final draft of revised IDS charter ported for one week review

Brian Smithson bsmithson at ricohsv.com
Tue Apr 19 23:59:23 UTC 2011

Some comments:

   1. Line 18: There is a plethora of document editors, not all of whom are
      listed here.
   2. Line 26: Should we have a link to the IDS section of the PWG wiki?
   3. Lines 35-36: IEEE 2600-2008 and its brethren /do /address HCD services
      that that don't immediately involve a local user (for examples:
      storage/retrieval on an MFP's document server, or sending a fax from a
      PC client through an MFP). I'm not sure what to suggest as replacement
   4. Footnote 1: Is it more modern to use the term "Image Character
      Recognition" rather than "Optical..." (since optics may not be
      involved)? Or is it better to just use the term that is more widely
      used (and understood?). I don't know...
   5. Lines 39 and 40: No need to put quote marks around Cloud (unless
      you're being sarcastic ;-) ).
   6. Lines 40-42: That last sentence should be more specific, such as by
      appending "...in a Cloud Computing environment".
   7. Line 48: To account for the trend toward continuous monitoring and not
      just log aggregation, could we reword as follows: "deployed in
      enterprise *and government *environments *to provide continuous
      monitoring and analysis of* security-related ...".
   8. Lines 56-57: Slightly better wording, I think: "Hardcopy devices...
      *have not been widely integrated into these new assessment protocol
      schemes, in part because* there is no standardized set...".
   9. Is it premature to mention IEEE 2600.1 supporting documents, even
      vaguely, in the IDS charter?

Brian Smithson
Security Research, Planning
Advanced Customer Technologies
Ricoh Americas Corporation
bsmithson at ricohsv.com

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