[IDS] network devices PP

[IDS] network devices PP

[IDS] network devices PP

Brian Smithson bsmithson at ricohsv.com
Wed Jun 15 18:06:46 UTC 2011

Per my action item from last meeting, please take a look at NIAP's PP for
"network devices" here http://www.niap-ccevs.org/pp/pp_nd_v1.0/.

It is for infrastructure devices (such as routers or firewalls), and it
covers only the administrative access and control of the device. It isn't
intended to cover the primary function of such devices (such as routing or
blocking network traffic). The purpose of looking at this document is to get
some inkling of NIAP's new direction for PPs. For example:

    * In addition to "Application Notes" that are found in traditional PPs
      (like IEEE 2600.1), there are some detailed "Assurance Activity" notes.
    * Take a look at the FCS class of SFRs and you'll see a lot more detail
      (although mainly US-specific) on both product implementation and on
      assurance activity.
    * They have made quite a few extended components. Alas, they don't
      provide any general discussion or rationale for such extensions, and
      in some cases I wonder if an extended component was really needed (who
      can say? there's no rationale...).

Brian Smithson
Security Research, Planning
Advanced Customer Technologies
Ricoh Americas Corporation
bsmithson at ricohsv.com

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