[IDS] Updated IDS Model document posted

[IDS] Updated IDS Model document posted

[IDS] Updated IDS Model document posted

Sukert, Alan Alan.Sukert at xerox.com
Wed Aug 8 14:24:33 UTC 2012

Joe -


Here are my comments against the Aug 6th draft of the IDS Model document
for today's meeting:

1.       Section 3.2.11, line 392, page 13: I think the sentence should
read "... to which he has access through his mobile device, but the
destination printer does not have access to the document."

2.       Section 4.5, line 565, page 18: This section and elsewhere in
the document reference the IEEE 2600 series of standards. However, none
of them are included in the list of references in Section 13.

3.       Section 6.1, lines 615-620, page 20: I may be wrong here,  but
I think grammatically the 'and' before 'supported communication
protocols and encryption' and before 'the physical location of the
device' should both be removed.

4.       Section 6.2, line 624, page 20: The reference is to [OASIS],
but Section 13.2 lists this reference as [OASIS1].

5.       Section 7, line 661, page 21: I think the 'IN' in the
definition of Visible should be 'in'.

6.       Section 7, page 21: I agree with Randy Turner's comment that
these Visibility definitions are confusing. If they are needed I would
put some examples or show the hierarchy of the terms graphically so it's
clearer to the reader what these terms are referring to and what they

7.       Section 8, Table 1, page 22: In the 'Administrator' row the
reference to 'P2600' should be to either IEEE Std 2600-2008 or to one of
the four other IEEE 2600 standards (P2600 was the Working Group,  not
the standard).

8.       Section 11, line 730, page 25: The section includes the
[ISO10646] reference, but this reference is not listed in Section 13.




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