[IDS] PWG Formal Vote Passed and SC Approved

[IDS] PWG Formal Vote Passed and SC Approved

[IDS] PWG Formal Vote Passed and SC Approved

Brian Smithson bsmithson at ricohsv.com
Wed May 1 19:30:56 UTC 2013

Congrats on the first completed standards from the IDS working group!

For those who don't know, may have forgotten, or have tried to forget :-),
the Attributes effort was actually started as an initiative of the TCG
Hardcopy Workgroup in 2007. We were looking at how MFPs could participate in
TCG's Trusted Network Connect environment. At that time, TNC, Cisco's NAC,
and Microsoft's NAP had similar purposes and mechanisms. It made sense to
define the heath assessment attributes for MFPs and other hardcopy devices
that were independent of TNC, NAC, or NAP, but such an independent effort
would be out of scope for a TCG workgroup. So the TCG HCWG made a request of
the PWG to define the attributes. PWG accepted the request. It was easy
enough -- everyone in the TCG HCWG was also in the PWG!

In February 2008, the PWG started the new IDS working group for this
purpose. I think it was the first security-related working group in the PWG.
PWG IDS was co-chaired by Ron Bergman (Ricoh) and Peter Cybuck (Sharp), and
Lee Farrell (Canon) was secretary. Hmmm...

Well, anyway, the plan was to define health attributes in the PWG IDS WG and
then the TCG HCWG would write the specifications for applying those
attributes in a TNC environment. Others, perhaps the PWG, would apply those
attributes to NAC, NAP, and the newly-appearing  NEA from IETF. However, the
TCG HCWG slumbered into suspended animation around that time, and it was
just as well that IDS took on the binding spec task because I think it would
have been difficult to coordinate between the two standards bodies.

Brian Smithson
Senior Security Architect
Global Solutions Engineering
Business Development Center
Ricoh Americas
bsmithson at ricohsv.com

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