[IDS] Fwd: [map_sg] Groups - 140109 MAP SG Call uploaded

[IDS] Fwd: [map_sg] Groups - 140109 MAP SG Call uploaded

[IDS] Fwd: [map_sg] Groups - 140109 MAP SG Call uploaded

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 03:48:43 UTC 2014


Below is the note on the public review of the OASIS XACML Profile for
TNC MAP Authorization  (I mis-remembered it as TNC Health Assessment,
but still interesting) - access control a TNC MAP server.

TNC MAP is Metadata Access Protocol (publish/subscribe to backend server
for storage of TNC health assessment data).

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
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 I would like to add the status of the OASIS XACML profile for MAP Authz.
The public review will end on Jan 14th.

  OASIS XACML MAP Authorization Profile Version 1.0 - 30-day Public Review


   (should end 14 January)

- Richard Hill

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*Subject:* [map_sg] Groups - 140109 MAP SG Call uploaded

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Notes from today's MAP SG call - we have lots of exciting work to do in


Open Action Items
* Email MAP SG for headcount at January F2F. - L. Lorenzin
* Ask TCG Admin to add Henk to Security Automation SDT email alias. - L.
* Contact Atul about his or Microsoft's participation in security
automation SDT. - L. Lorenzin
* Engage Richard Hill about whether he wants to propose a TNC project for
2014, whether to close the XACML network flow control AI. - C. Kahn
* Ask Atul about writing up his view of MAP SG future for January F2F. L.
* Send out info on graph databases book to MAP SG. - S. Venema
* Send pxGrid overview slides to Lisa & Steve. - N. Cam-Winget
* Add request for TNC (contributing use cases) to XACML network flow
control proposal. - R. Hill
* Update Internet-draft on SACM/NEA to include IF-MAP. - S. Hanna, A. Shah
* Provide information (anonymized, if necessary) about real-world
experiences with IF-MAP. - L. Lorenzin
* Offer guidelines for setting up a lab / stories on how to solve issues
with IF-MAP. - N. Kuntze
* Write up example of longer-term view of IF-MAP - where it goes, how to
get there. - A. Shah
* Sync up with Nicolai and/or Henk on draft document of initial security
automation use cases. - L. Lorenzin

-- Ms. Lisa Lorenzin

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*Submitter*: Ms. Lisa Lorenzin
*Group*: Metadata Access Protocol Sub-Group
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*Date submitted*: 2014-01-09 11:38:08
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