[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (8 May 2014)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (8 May 2014)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (8 May 2014)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Thu May 8 19:54:49 UTC 2014


I've just posted another *Prototype* draft of HCD TNC Binding.
Note:  This version is technically complete (i.e., stable content
with no outstanding mapping or syntax issues).  This version is
ready for prototyping.

This version addresses all typos and edits from the IDS WG call
on 28 April 2014.

For review at IDS WG telecons and/or May F2F.

- clean w/ line numbers

- redlines w/ line numbers

Note: MS Word kept randomly deleting bullet list or number formatting
that was *previously* accepted (earlier versions) - in sections where I
wasn't even editing.  I've wrestled w/ Word and gotten both the clean
and redlines versions to show the right formatting (as far as I can see).


- Ira

Change History

8 May 2014

Global – Changed titles of section 2.3, section 4.1, and Appendix A and
definitions in all three sections, to change references to “TNC
Architecture” to be “TCG TNC Architecture”, per IDS WG 04/28/14

Editorial – Revised section 2.1 Imaging and Security Terminology definition
of Correlated Attributes  to agree with update in HCD Attributes spec, per
IDS WG 04/28/14

Editorial – Revised section 3.3 Out-of-Scope, section 3.4 Design
Requirements, and section 5.4 Correlated Attributes to use numbered lists,
per PWG best practice

Editorial – Revised section 4.1 TCG TNC Architecture to add a note about
TCG TNC Architecture being a strict superset of the technically equivalent
IETF TNC Architecture and the use throughout this spec of IETF TNC protocol
layer acronyms (e.g., PA-TNC) for readability

Editorial – Revised section 6.1 HCD TNC Binding Conformance Requirements to
titlecase and boldface Correlated Attributes, for consistency with section

Editorial – Revised section 10.1 Normative References, to add TNC
Clientless Endpoint Support Profile and update other TCG TNC references

Editorial – Revised section 10.2 Informative References, to add RFC 3552
“Guidelines for Writing RFC Text on Security Considerations”
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