[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (19 April 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (19 April 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Prototype Draft (19 April 2015)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 21:05:43 UTC 2015


I've just posted another *Prototype* draft of HCD TNC Binding.
Note:  This version is technically complete (i.e., stable content
with no outstanding mapping or syntax issues).  This version is
ready for prototyping.

For review at IDS WG telecons and/or April May 2015 PWG F2F.

- clean w/ line numbers

- redlines w/ line numbers


- Ira

Change History

19 April 2015

Global – Changed “continuous monitoring” (not actually feasible) to
“periodic monitoring”

Editorial – Revised sections 5.x.y for all health assessment attributes to
explicitly specify the correct PB-TNC “batch” (standard PA Subtype value)
to enclose each attribute (for interoperability)

Editorial – Revised section 5.4 Correlated Attributes to recommend the
separation of each set of correlated attributes into a separate PB-TNC
“batch” (standard PA Subtype value) to disambiguate the correlations

Editorial – Deleted Appendix A – TCG TNC Architecture, as the TCG TNC
Architecture is currently undergoing major revisions and this appendix
would be largely inaccurate in the future
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