[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (3 August 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (3 August 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (3 August 2015)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 19:54:40 UTC 2015


I've just posted a first *Stable* draft of HCD TNC Binding per
the recently completed prototype by Dr. Andreas Steffen.

Note:  This version is technically complete (i.e., stable content
with no outstanding editorial, mapping, or syntax issues).  This
version is ready for final IDS WG review at August PWG F2F.

The changes in this version were all minor editorial fixes.

For IDS WG final review at August PWG F2F and subsequent
PWG Last Call.

- clean w/ line numbers

- Ira

Change History

Editorial – Changed document status from Prototype to Stable, based on
completed prototype by Dr. Andreas Steffen – for final WG review at PWG F2F
on 12 August

Editorial – Revised Abstract and section 1 wording slightly for clarity

Editorial – Revised section 2.4 Acronyms and Organizations for new name and
web page link for TCG TNC WG (now Trusted Network Communications)

Editorial – Revised section 10.1 Normative References for updated

Editorial – Revised section 11 to add acknowledgment for Dr. Andreas
Steffen’s contributions to the final spec
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