[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (26 October 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (26 October 2015)

[IDS] HCD TNC Binding - Stable Draft (26 October 2015)

Ira McDonald blueroofmusic at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 19:53:48 UTC 2015


I've just posted a third *Stable* draft of HCD TNC Binding per
the recently completed PWG Last Call and IDS WG review.

Note:  This version is technically complete (i.e., stable content
with no outstanding editorial, mapping, or syntax issues).  This
version is ready for final IDS WG review and PWG Formal Vote.

The changes in this version were all minor editorial fixes.

- clean w/ line numbers

- redlines and comments w/ line numbers

- last call response comments w/ resolutions

- Ira

Change History

26 October 2015

Stable draft – updates from IDS WG review on 10/19/26
Editorial – Revised section 5.1.6 Firewall setting B Flag definition to:
delete ambiguous first, second, and third sentences; reverse recommendation
in new second sentence (from Blocked to Allowed); and clarify last sentence
(no mixing of Blocked and Allowed ports *anywhere* in a port filter), per
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